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08-15-2011, 09:34 AM
Good topic, I too have wondered how the rest of u guys fly.

I wasd, full impulse is e, and I use my left pinky and thumb to hit control or alt for all of the slots on the tray. I only use the mouse to look around. Everything else in the numpad. Even throttle up and down.

What I find the most different from others in the way I fly is I use spacebar as my targeting tool. Assigning the numpad plus key for fire energy weapons and the minus key for torps. Also I use page up page down home ect cluster for my preset energy levels. And up down left right for shield distribution.

I just really hate using the mouse. To me, I just felt like it NEEDED to feel like a lcars console. I press a button for everything. No binds. 1 key 1 power. Dancing fingers.

*sings life forms* badabumbum...... Oh data.