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08-15-2011, 11:04 AM
It varies for me somewhat depending on what ship I am in, I probably should have given that caveat in the other thread.


I rely heavily on the dual mouse buttons to steer. I find it most useful when on attack runs, as I can just point my ship in whatever direction is necessary, with general accuracy. It is kind of like a temporary chase camera. I actually use the free cam as I just HATE the other cams so much. I want to look, where I want to look.

I do use the WASD too, but generally only in close battles, particularly when trying to out-maneouver another escort.

I have minimal binds for my space key (EPTS, TT, Fire cannons and distribute.)
My DBB is on a separate key so it is never on cooldown when I buff BO3 or use BtE.
Attack buffs are spread over to keys 1 and 2. 1 is for primary alpha (captain skills mostly), 2 is for general damage skills (CRF, APB etc..)
Have quickbinds for heals, powermodes, present maneouvers etc..

Despite this, I also find myself clicking on icons too. I guess I am a bit erratic in that regard, just sometimes I like to be selective and most of my binds are quite generic.

All other ships:
Fly almost solely with WASD as the accuracy of where my nose is pointing isn't as important to me. Tend to have a lot more things bound to space.
Standard "oh crap!" binds.

A lot more clicking of individual skills on my sci, again, nice to be selective.

Free camera on all toons. For this reason I still use my mouse a lot (if you ever watch any of my vids you will see I change the angle a LOT.) so it is still a heavy part of my playstyle.

I have a standard keyboard and mouse so my options are somewhat limited. Right hand mouse, left hand keyboard. Most of what I use on the keyboard is bound around easy reach of the WASD keys.