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08-15-2011, 10:18 AM
Since some people are sharing keybinds too, I'll post my generic ones too. These are ones that I tend to put on every build. Consistency and all...

t "throttleset -1"

g "throttleset 0.25"

h "throttleset 1"

q "$$Throttleadjust -.125" (escort only)

e "$$Throttleadjust .125" (escort only)

` "$$GenJailAdd HUD_Weapons_Root$$StatsPreset_Load Preset_1"

shift "$$StatsPreset_Load Preset_2+ shield skills"

r "$$+TrayExecByTray 2 3(battery)$$throttleset 1$$+TrayExecByTray 0 2(evasives)$$StatsPreset_Load Preset_3"

y "c team focus attack on >>$target<<" ()

b "$$Throttleadjust -.50$$StatsPreset_Load Preset_3$$+TrayExecByTray 0 2(evasives)"

As you may notice, all of these are well within reach of WASD without me moving my hand or even looking at the keyboard.

] "pvpreport"
[ "gensendmessage root showpvpqueue"
Delete "gensendmessage root showfleet"