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02-16-2009, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by Tsabrock
Out of curiosity, did you get a message stating you were automatically disqualified due to length?

Technically, I wouldn't think that enclosing your name and address would automatically disqualify your story by making it too long. The contest said each story//entry was to be a maximum of 500 words. However it did not say anything about additional information in the email that is not directly part of the entry itself, or that it would cause a disqualification due to length. After all, nowhere in the contest rules was it stated that the email itself had to be less than 500 words.

Also, one thing I hope is clarified in the future - the exact measuring of words. Now adays, most programs count words by the actual number of words in a document (anything separated by a space), but alternate word-counting methods used a formula of (Document length divided by 5-7) to determine the exact word length.
No, have recived no message up to today.
Just to satisfy your curiosity.

back to my original. I would like to hear (read) more from dev's.