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08-15-2011, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_Luke
This is how for the most part beam weapons should be vs the current way being used atm.

Many shots / little damage = Not cannon " Currently being used "

One or two shots / lots of damage = Cannon " Should be used "

The current beam weapon mechanics do not reflect at all a beam user should be using. It should be much slower recharge times but much more damage.

It makes no sense firing 6 phaser at fast speeds only tickel a ship to death and that is provided you can.

The video above shows a very good example.
On the same train of thought, I would like to see the game engine actually depicting weapon "misses" correctly in PVP... in other words, space weapon fire that do not connect with the ship should fire past it. I know this can slow less robust PC systems down, so it would be nice to add simulated misses as a toggle-switch in the graphics settings.