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08-15-2011, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by Hawks View Post
Well said.

I have given up on Cryptic that they can make a right KDF. They can make Starfleet as many many developers before them, but they can't make KDF. If they could they would have released more content.

And please stop with the "Can I have your stuff" thing
But we wants it my precious, we wants it we does!

As for giving up on the KDF, I haven't given up as such, but I did delete my KDF sci the other week to make room for a toon I could level less painfully Fedside, which is at VA now by the way. Levelling a KDF toon is a repetetive process with a desireable end result but unpleasant in itself. Normally when we do this in our lives, we have a paycheque to go with it. When a game we pay for gets like that, perhaps it's time to stop and think "Well hey now, what's gone wrong here?".

I'm just glad I have one toon at LG. I may have another crack at it just so I can have me some Sci-bop and put my Tac in a Raptor, maybe.