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08-15-2011, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by Meynolt View Post
I for one think that expanding on the traits would be an excellent idea. Stop thinking in the small box guys, see the bigger picture. More traits allow for more specialized characters, but you'd be in charge of picking what YOU want it to be. Traits shouldn't be necessarily giving you only space and ground stuff, could also be new passive abilities like read minds for telepaths which will allow them to buy from NPCs for a lower price and sell for a higher price. And Gorn get more proficient in unarmed combat or they get a bonus towards their ship performance via a trait. Or just an extra trait for an Orion based on seduction to convince NPCs of doing certain things.

Possibilities are there, you just need to see them!
Okay... I get where you're going with that, and I'm not opposed to the idea in general... but if you give somebody 8 traits (for example) wouldn't it make sense to limit that somehow so they're not just picking all Space traits to get an advantage in Space PvP?

I would like to see more specialized characters in this sense and per DStahl's comments in the latest Ask Cryptic it does sound like there may be some leeway here. (Although gaining an extra trait at VA level or some such is not exactly what I had in mind.)