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08-15-2011, 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by zevermoon View Post
I am having a horrorable time with my Klink character I set him up as a stealth batleth expert, and now as I move in preditor mode with my batleth all my bridge officer get wiped out so its me with my batleth vs 6 guys with phasers.

It ends pretty quickly before I can drop one guy I tried having my bridge officers focus fire but the way the feds are set up right now if you don't kill all the doctors in the first volly they raise the dead ones.
Set your officers to a rally point and then call them in after you engage, or send them in ahead of you and let them start the fight, then slip past them and attack from the enemy's flanks. I recommend the second - even if they see through your stealth they're less likely to change targets to shoot you. With the first method they'll agro from passive and you could get splattered before you realize it. You don't want to be trying to engage from stealth at close range with your boffs hanging around.

Personally, I don't feel like melee is worth it anymore - the weapons have lower DPS than energy weapons now, they seem to have changed the shield bypass on them, and with rifle's getting a melee that's only slightly lower than a melee weapon and which auto-combos, I think melee weapons need a bit of a damage boost for the gain to be worth losing a second energy weapon.