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08-15-2011, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by Agentum
the foundry is (almost) the only thing that keeps me interested in the game.
STFs have become boring and there are (were) lot of foundry missions that blow away most cryptic ones.
I really hope they commit the neccessary resources to get it back up asahp
DStahl said they had a new build ready to go late Friday - they just needed the QA team to put it through its paces (to make sure it does what they intend and doesn't make things worse); and that it would prbably be ready to go Tuesday.

I know a lot of folks (myself included) thought this Emergency Maintainenece might be to push that build, but oit appears it was not.

The EM was probably to fix something that was negatively affecting their server (or even copuld be related to their 'cutover' to Refect World behind the scenes (IE they thought everything was working in conjusction with whatever systems/VPN setup they need toi be on for PWI - and they found something wasn't configured, or working right.) In oother words it was a real/needed emergency fix to maintain their server/system integrity. (It happens with MMOs - and after the first 6 months, hasn't happened all that much with the STO server farm.)