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08-15-2011, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Personally, I don't feel like melee is worth it anymore - the weapons have lower DPS than energy weapons now, they seem to have changed the shield bypass on them, and with rifle's getting a melee that's only slightly lower than a melee weapon and which auto-combos, I think melee weapons need a bit of a damage boost for the gain to be worth losing a second energy weapon.
I agree. Before S4, I would melee all the time. My borg bat'leth was pretty much part of my standard gear on STFs, and Close combat kit was my only purple kit for a long time. It was especially useful against elite borg drones with shields that don't seem to go down. But since S4, enemy shields go down pretty quick (as does our own shields), and many of the energy weapons have higher dps. Plus elite drones can now assimilate you, so it is better to stay out of melee range of them. I rarely use melee anymore.