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08-15-2011, 02:15 PM
I think the idea is that while the Galaxy is designed to be a large and extremely powerful combat oriented cruiser, the Nebula is more adaptable with its replacable mission pod, and advanced systems like its high energy sensors. (Which O'Brien was able to use to beam through the Phoenix's shields, and Data likely used to foil Sela's attempt to penetrate the tachyon detection grid)

In other words, the ship is more suited for lighter, non combat missions like accompanying research teams, scouting and patrol missions, or serving as a supply ship. In other words, it is to the Galaxy what the Miranda was to the Constitution 100 years before.

Sure, the Miranda is a "Light Cruiser", but personally I've always said that it should be the Science Ship of the Tier 1 selection. The Oberth finally took that spot, but again, it's not a cruiser like the Constutition, it is a "Light Cruiser". So the Nebula is a sort of Cruiser/Science hybrid as well. And as mentioned, with the Universal Slot it can come extremely close to that.