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Originally Posted by Sollaf View Post
The nebula was an advanced research vessel, with the side pourpose of collecting galaxy sacuers after the star drives were destroyed. Starfleet reenginered the ships with a galaxy sacuer. The refit nebulas were exploration ships.
I'm not sure about the "using the saucer after the stardrive was destroyed" part. They used the same nacelles as the Galaxy, and a similar secondary hull. Circumstancial evidence seems to show that they were built to take advantage of construction orders of large numbers of Galaxy saucers. They weren't really a kitbash, though, more a new class in their own right.

I like my comparison to the Miranda. The Miranda clearly came after the Constitution, but appears to have been a testbed for the design changes that went into the Constitution refit. So the Nebula MIGHT have been a preliminary class that came before the Galaxy, to test the technology. Later Nebulas, though, ended up with more advanced systems than the Galaxy, particularly when it comes to sensors. This seems to be backed up by the large number of prototype designs that seem to vary from the standard. (And again, the Miranda seems to vary a lot more than the Constitution class ever did)