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08-15-2011, 06:09 PM
Originally Posted by psychogobstopper
No, it's not "arguably canon." It was a licensed work, so its contents were approved by the license holders, just as the license holders approved STO's decision to tie-in to the possible timeline presented in Countdown. Whether something is or is not canon is a decision only the license holder can make, and neither CBS Studios nor Paramount has said that the events of Countdown are canon.

Also, in May 2009, Roberto Orci (not "Michael") said that the comic is not canon. No official status from license holder + history of licensed work not being canon + conflicting statements from those involved in production of movie & comic storyline = not canon.
Canon is NOT anything the license holder has allowed, nor even everything they SAY it is. Canon is EXCLUSIVELY those events and premises that have appeared in the actual shows and films. If it didn't appear there, it's not canon.