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Originally Posted by matrix1701 View Post
This goes out to Cryptic.....I know the Galaxy X has been a up hill battle for you but hear I am with another request even tho I am sure it will go unanswered. I am using the Galaxy X but the one big problem I have with it is that in order you get max damage out of the Phaser Lance you must use phasers or at lest keep the phaser level at 9....well that is my problem I would like to use other Antiproton but it is hard to do that and keep phaser level at 9 I just do not have the skill points to do that so I have to use phasers . I would like to see Cryptic do something to change that. May be Adjust the Phaser Lance so it does not have to use the Skill Phaser and it just stays at Max so we do not loose Phaser Lance damage but they can use Different type weapons......Or may be have the Lance match the type of weapons we are using. Now I do not know but I think the first idea would be easier. I would just like you all to fix it in a way so we can use different weapons and not have to be worried about keeping the phaser skill at 9. Now I just want to make this clear I am not asking to in-cress the power of the Lance just some how make it were it is not bound to the phaser skill .

If anyone else reads this and agrees please post it maybe just maybe if Cryptic personal read this and there are enough people that feel the same way maybe they will fix it
You'll be interested in this thread then:

First relevant quote:

Originally Posted by Heretic
We are actually looking at a fairly aggressive reworking of the space skill tree; this is separate from a ground/space split, but will obviously impact it.

The primary intent of this rework is to make it no longer necessary to spec in specific damage types or specific ship classes, such that you can more easily shift between ships and weapon damage types without feeling obliged to respec every time.