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08-15-2011, 11:20 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Think I'm talking about Kerrat, N'vak, or Otha? Perhaps in another thread, but not this one.

While PvPing in Shanty Town, I got a new idea for a new PvP zone. This one is an actual War Zone map somewhat similar to Day of Defeat or Call of Duty, where you have the immersion of an actual battlefield.

For example:
  • Turrets from Breaking the Planet Fleet Action being used as cover fire, where it targets randomly and covers most of the easy access points.
  • Shuttles flying over, dropping Photon Bombs.
  • NPC Orbital Strikes being called in from Player Bases
  • "Sniping" locations giving range bonuses to Sniper Weapons
  • And "Minigun" locations from defensive locations.

Another Idea for a new PvP map is a "Boarding Assault", where literally you are boarding a ship. One team acts as the ship's Security Force, while the other acts as the hostile boarding party. But to add twists such as Jefferies tubes, or players with class-specific jobs like Engineers opening EPS Vents or Tacticals raising / lowering Shields (which would in turn raise or lower shields in another location).

Just a thought.
sounds very cool