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Ok right now this new captain I have rolled out is going to be a tactical cruiser captain mainly aiming for the Retrofit Excelsior Class. Although the problems I am foreseeing are when I reach the Operations, Engineering, and weapon types.

For further explanation for everyone.

What should I get for weapons? I know beam arrays are a must but what type for DPS, for torpedoes which should I put points into. Also the layout like how many arrays, beam bank, torpedoes the best for DPS. I have been using Phasers on my Engineering Captain and they fit his roll which isn't true for this time around. My other tactical captain is trying out tetryon weapons and quantum torpedoes. So far they are working okay even with the slight nerf. So what should I stick with for this captain, and when leveling her.

Up next the operations abilities what matters most for a DPS roll? Sensors? Emitters? Deflector? Cruisers I know have to be able to survive hits. So what should I pour points into?

Now for Engineering... I know weapons that is a no brainer, same with shields, but what about out of Aux. or Engines? Then Later at captain should I invest in subsystems? Admiral level Hull repair or Aux.?

So in general any clarification would be helpful and you would have my thanks.