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08-16-2011, 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by Lord-Ice
I remember them fondly. So many arguments... It had something to do with a FAW exploit, and people in PvP were planting all beams onto cruisers and FAWing everything. People were complaining about it, there were more than a dozen forum topics about it. I'm surprised you DON'T remember it...
Those are issues with FAW, not beam boats. Most of my Cruisers and Scis are beam boats; they're perfectly viable and OK to use. As long as you're not using FAW.

Even after FAW got it's "fix" a few patches ago, it's still OP. That's why none of the serious PvPers and fleets use it.

Originally Posted by Sleeves
They are easy to deal with. People just do not want to. They are also easy to shut down. Again people just do not want to do it. This is just asking people to make them. You can not paint a target faster on you then to not have things like Jam sensors or Hazzard Emiters yet many people go out of the not to have them saying that are part of the problem.
A lot of ships can't afford to have Hazards, much less Jam Sensors which is highly situational at best.

Defiant, Excelsior, Assault Cruiser, Fleet Escort, etc only have 2 Sci slots. Tractor Beam, TSS, and SciTeam are all more popular (and in some cases, more valuable) choices than Jam Sensors.