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02-16-2009, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Tsabrock
Out of curiosity, did you get a message stating you were automatically disqualified due to length?

Technically, I wouldn't think that enclosing your name and address would automatically disqualify your story by making it too long. The contest said each story//entry was to be a maximum of 500 words. However it did not say anything about additional information in the email that is not directly part of the entry itself, or that it would cause a disqualification due to length. After all, nowhere in the contest rules was it stated that the email itself had to be less than 500 words.

Also, one thing I hope is clarified in the future - the exact measuring of words. Now adays, most programs count words by the actual number of words in a document (anything separated by a space), but alternate word-counting methods used a formula of (Document length divided by 5-7) to determine the exact word length.
I just typed "word count" into google and cut and paste my story from word into it to get my count(which varied from 493 to 499 depending on the page, probably something to do with the issues you mentioned). In any event after including my forum name and real name I was over 500 so Im sure they are counting the story length and not the email length.