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08-16-2011, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Warpstalker
Pengs do great substained damage but you probably won't kill someone by yourself using only those torpedoes.
Even on a 45 sec cd, HE completly negates a full pengs boat.

See my damage / kill ratio ->
I killed a Gal-R in kerrat with 10 Pengs and an MVAE with 6. I was getting 27K crits on alpha strikes. APA, APB3, GDF, FOMM, TT, GW. Run 3 Warhead Yield chambers in my tac consoles. I use CTBM in the rear with Tric mine. I run EPtA1 and 2, EPtE 1, ET, JS. I use ET for healing, I use JS to escape.

And in a CnH I was 3rd on the KDF side in Damage and 1st or 2nd in kills

I run 4 pengs