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08-16-2011, 01:15 PM
When I started up a new engineer character (I haven't played in quite a number of months), I did so because I wanted to go the route of "control". It appeared, from the description, that that was one of the bigger things about engineers is that they have status effect and crowd control abilities. I'm trying to find a good build for this. I'm also curious if I should maybe try a tank route? I am playing with my buddy, who is a science officer. We don't play with a tactical, and probably will be just the two of us. So should I go tank, or could I do well with a science officer PC friend with me using control abilities? I looked at a few builds, and noticed that none of them were specced with ground skills. With the new advancement in ground combat (which I enjoy a great deal), are ground skills useful now? Or would it be best to save skill points solely for effectiveness in space combat?