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08-16-2011, 01:01 PM
If you have teammates, escorts are not fact theyre probably the hardest to kill. However, youll probably be pugging if youre new and dont have teammates. In this case a cruiser is simply better...

Engineer cruiser is, imo, better than a tactical cruiser, even for damage. Engineer gives you survivability while you go less defensive. You wont be a great healer but youll have some ability.

Ship wise:

Feds - Assault Cruiser or Excelsior. Both have three tactical consoles. Which one you pick depends on how survivable you want to be (excelsior has a level 3 tactical power and level 1 engineer, assault cruiser has level 3 engineer and level 1 tactical).

Klingons - Negh'var.

Layout wise, a half healer half damage is the best way imo. Extend Shields III is a no brainer as it is not an Aux Power based skill, so you can still run full power to weapons. Eng Team III is the same. Youll want a reverse shield polarity 1 and two emergency power to shields.

8 Beams. Borf Deflector/Engine/Console (in sci slot). Shield is up to you but a good all arounder is Covariant Shield Array Mk x which you get with marks of honour at k7/ganalda.