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08-16-2011, 01:12 PM
Ok so what I would be looking at is an engineer in a cruiser with as many tactical slots that I can get and repair abilities that won't eat up my auxiliary power.

Great, that I can do and it makes sense. Thanks for your response.

"8 Beams. Borf Deflector/Engine/Console (in sci slot). Shield is up to you but a good all arounder is Covariant Shield Array Mk x which you get with marks of honour at k7/ganalda. "

Would this apply just to the Klingon ship you posted or also the Excelsior (the one I'm more interested in of the fed ships because of the 3 tactical slots)? If it only applies to the klingon one how would I look to build the Excelsior ?

As an Engineer looking to do damage in a cruiser as seen above, how would you best advise that I distribute my skill points? Klingon and/or Fed advice here is much appreciated.
This is a really important point for me as I can't stress how little I know about the STO skill system. A general build for this would be very very much appreciated

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