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08-16-2011, 02:36 PM
My first advice is to join one of the pvp fleets, build templates and specing points are what a lot of the fleet heads like myself specialize in. We can build you a ship that is how you would like to fly, and also make it a part of the team gameplan. But in general:

damage in a cruiser for me is all about directional control. And cruisers have great weapons to keep you pinned in a broadside. 8 arrays plus emergenc power to weapons is silly. No burst tho. Try keeping folks still with a tractor beam, warp plasma, target engines. And then get in close and rip away.

With points it's generally straight foreward. Click on each box, it will tell you what that skill impacts. Keep an eye on diminishing returns, just a little math.

One piece of advice I give to all new in the game, and you should already know this playing eve, is that piloting and tactics are 80% of this game. I've seen guys with scattershot point distibution smash heads because they were great pilots.

See you on the battlefield