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Greetings all!

I would just like the opinions of other captains. I am also having this discussion with my fleet mates, but I would like some unbiased opinions.
My tac officer currently captains a Defiant-R. The thing is, I'm my Fleet's Admiral and the ship just doesn't have a flagship feel to it, RP wise. I do love the ship however, it just ruins immersion for me being squishy while my fleet mates can outlast me in most fights. I've worked with balancing for better survival and I don't blow up that often, but it still can be annoying. I've flown most of the other ships in-game, and while cruisers do have the flagship feel to them, I have a hard time getting used to the turn rate. I leveled my tac up in science vessels but the end-game ships don't cut it for me. If I had to take one for my fleet and get used to a new ship, I would. I was just wondering if you guys thought the Defiant-R was a suitable Fleet Flagship, and just try to balance it more for better results, or if I should look to other suggestions.
I was in the same boat as you are. I ended up rolling a science officer to get the Intrepid. The thing I keep in mind is this. if it's good enough for Sisko to command a fleet from, it's good enough for us. Don't spec your Defiant to 'outlast' your enemies. Spec her to kill your enemies as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Only then will you outlast them