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08-17-2011, 08:15 AM
"I managed to last using buffs but once they started going at me"

As soon as you said that I know what you're problem is, you didn't run. Escorts are there for hit and run and you were trying to tank. You use buffs to deal extra damage or to get away primarily and very seldom do you use them to stick around against Klingon's', one ship mokay but more no.

It doesn't matter what shield you have escorts have the lowest shield rating going and the lowest hull so don't expect to out tank a cruiser or science then they can deprived you of dealing damage, heal themselves better and still deal out decent damage themselves.

As for good weapons, it's pvp who knows what people are flying. They might be antiproton based or highly resitnt to phaser/disruptor but nothing else it's impossible to say no Klingon ship has innate weakness or strength in terms of energy type. Expect a focus on phaser/disruptor since they are cheap BUT a lot of people like AP and some like to be different. It's up to you, focus in one area and be more vulnerable elsewhere or spread yourself out and be a good allrounder.