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08-17-2011, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by Bran_Mak_Morrn View Post
If I could offer any suggestions, they would be-

maybe BO instead of THY. Only b/c the focus of the build is shield drain, this will work well with TB III to diminish shields. You can always rely on Tac's to finish the job once you help bring shields down.

maybe a Tyken's Rift, and just tractor them through it.

I know you probably have you're own views on the build, but if you're tinkering with it that's what I would tinker with.
Tyken's would be great for a shield drain build... except that it shares a CD with TachBeam

And you really need Tyken's 3 to shut down shields, otherwise people easily overcome the shield drain with EPtS.