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08-17-2011, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by c1tric
Haha I love this game, wow thanks for all the advice people!

Back to Tac in an escort then I guess? I know a hell of a lot more what I'm doing with my skills now anyway, regardless of what ship I eventually end up flying!


Perhaps it is too late to interject, but based on your OP, I would actually recommend an eng/cruiser. If what you seek is a mixture of survival and reasonable damage, I would argue that is the way to go. As far as points per ship class at the end of the match goes, it *tends* (not always) to go like this:

Tac: Highest damage, least healing
Eng: Moderate damage, high healing
Sci: Low damage, moderate healing*

*(although sci's often score lower on the reported stats, their best effect is in crowd control, at which they can be very deadly, but for which the end of game reports do not give much credit).

All I can say is look at my sig, those are my current (well 1 isn't listed) toons. You WILL make more than one toon. If you make a mistake with your first like I did, don't worry, there is plenty of opportunity to make up for it.

If you had the time and patience, for your first builds (plural) I would recommend going with one of each of the "standard" mixes:


Once you have mastered the mechanics, which believe me takes some doing, start to branch out to hybrid ships. I adore my Eng/Sci(Intrepid-R), but I would likely have failed at it without my previous experience.

And yea, join a fleet ASAP. 90% of the knowledge in this game is tribal.