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08-17-2011, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by ProfHat
Indeed , but with the INTENTIONAL REMOVAL of Maintain from the ground auto attack sellection list your charicter stands there like a meat popcicle , doing NOTHING , Not Attacking , Not Firing , Just Getting Beat On Like A Cheap Bongo Drum . It is EPICLY FRUSTRATING ! ! !
BOffs seem to have their "awareness" radius set by the range of their weapons. If you have your BOffs equipped with rifles, they'll be able to target, aim and fire on any enemies within rifle range.
However, if they're equipped with melee weapons their awareness of enemies drops like a rock. They'll stand around you until you tell them to engage a target, or you move into range so that they start taking damage (which means they'll auto-attack whoever attacked them).

It's a "feature" that has been in-game since beta. The fix is to move closer to targets so your BOffs see them.