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08-17-2011, 12:33 PM
1. Eventually going to be hooked up to a new starter zone, including revamped tutorial and apparently some missions (which will then be on mission replay) and a fleet action.

2. Not that I can tell.

3. Major increase in damage, major decrease in health (except for capain level enemies, which actually gained somewhat), more minor adjustment to healing, most weapons were completely revamped and even the ones that are still basically the same had noticeable function changes. Almost every power in the game was revamped, some had their basic function completely redone (like Fire on my Mark). Also, bigger changes with Borg including weapon adaptation and remodulation.

4. More to doe, particularly thanks to mission replay and certain missions being remastered (remastered and featured episodes scale to your current level on replay, as well)... More to do, but not a lot more to do. You'll still run out entirely too soon... Hopefully the duty officer system will help with this. Eventually.