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08-17-2011, 01:02 PM
Tac/Sci, my fave

Things to note:
- 6 Beams will be too much of a power drain, go with 5 Beams and a torp
- Swap out the RSP for Aux to SIF
- Gravity Well 3/TBR 3 get boosted by APA/GDF/TacFleet and do insane amounts of damage.
- Viral is lulz, drop it.
- PSW is awesome, and is almost necessary nowadays to break the Extend fests.
- Go with 1 TacTeam and add in Beta into your Lt slot. Chain TacTeam and SciTeam.
- The RSV will suit you as a Tac far better, thanks to the extra Ens Tac, and most importantly, extra Tac console.