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08-17-2011, 03:19 PM
An Engi in a Vo'Quv would be a fantastic tank ship honestly - I can already tank pretty well with my Sci Officer in one, so having the extra Engi abilities would be that much better.

All those skills do help the carrier, and (unlike any other ship) I actually recommend taking them, as the Vo'Quv is slow and needs as much turn rate and HP as you can get.

PVE Only you can do just about anything you like in terms of weapons - I ran dual heavy cannons, dual cannons and a dual beam bank for awhile. (Seriously!) - That said...

Consider going 6 beams. That's what I'm doing at present and I find in terms of raw damage output, it's been the best of anything I've used. Turrets, I grant, mean you have no weak facings... but their damage is pretty piddly on a per-shot basis, especially at any appreciable distance. Beams still grant you good coverage, let you take advantage of your subsystem targeting abilities*, and perform better at greater ranges.

While you didn't ask about Boff skills, I'll list a few handy ones that may be of interest to you:

Attack Pattern Omega I and Attack Pattern Beta I:

Omega's damage boost directly affects your fighters; and more importantly increases your maneuverability, damage resistance, and makes you immune to tractor beams for the duration.

Beta I is fantastic because it debuffs your target's Resistance, meaning of course that your fighters will do more damage to it, in addition to your own guns.

Tactical Team I: Becaues the Vo'Quv can't turn quickly enough to show the enemy a good shield facing when damaged, I highly recommend this skill. Only downside is of course like all Team powers it shares a cooldown with the others.

Those three are (imo) very useful as a Carrier captain, and I'd never fly one without em.