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08-17-2011, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by Ooiue View Post
The Federation wants to end the war. I say we continue it! The Klingon Empire should have enemies to fight, and what better enemy than the Federation!

I'm perfectly happy with the current state of war with the Empire and the rest of the Quadrant
The Federation dishonored our friendship years ago and they are paying the price for their foolishness; but in truth we should not allow ourselves to be blind to the greater enemies of the Empire, the Borg and the Undine.

If a cease-fire with the Federation will allow us to bring our full strength to bear against the Borg then that is an action that should be considered. I do not believe that we should reform our alliance with them again, but allowing them to deploy against the Borg and eventually the Undine will serve a greater purpose to the Empire then defeating them in the here and now.

The Federation's time will come, but the enemies of all races are upon us and we should not be blinded by our anger for an enemy that can wait.