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08-17-2011, 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
No offense to this post, but I've heard this a bit more lately, so if someone could respond about tractor beams? My fleet uses it a bit. Especially with new members who need that facing to gain confidence.

There are like 200 ways to counter a tractor beam. PH, APO, JS, PSW, full engine power and evasive.

Please someone let me know, we don't want to harrass anyone or use a power that is deemed OP or broken.

Also none of us run anything more than tractor beam1, and noone puts not even 1 point into boosting it.

Thanks guys.

I don't mind TB as they are, but when there's multiple ships using them, particularly with a sci involved, it goes, TB, ATPO, Sub Nuc, TB, PH, PSW, TB, etc and so on.
In a premade I don't have much if any problem with them as I just wait for it to wear off while my team heals me. If there were to be any change I would ask for it would be a shorter cooldown on ATPO, or another skill that can nullify at TB's effect.
Evasive is great if you wan't to run in a straight line and Eng batteries do fine, but then I have to wait 1:20 to use another one, or any other battery for that matter. PSW on an escort is, in my opinion, foolish as is JS. As for the other 195 ways a TB can be countered, particularly by a tacscort,, enlighten me.

@Staran, I enjoy PVP, it's dang near all I do, the majority of folks in PVP regularly are good players that know how to play and play well, but then there's those few that are more irritating than some tropical skin diseases.