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08-17-2011, 11:23 PM
I think the shield choice overall doesn't matter quite as much as the buffs you use to harden yourself.

You basically need 2 Emergency Power to Shields. If you don't have a teams supporting you, you probalby should also equip Hazard Emitters I and Transfer Shield Strength II. Also, 2 Tactical Teams are a good choice.

I would also highly recommend the Borg set (whether you rather use a Covariant shield or the Borg shield is something you'll have to figure out yoruself, I think.), as it comes with 2 free heals. I think that overall the Aegis set bonuses aren't quite as good after all. (BUt if you don't have the Borg set, I'd recommend the Aegis Set. It also has the advantage of having decent Hyper-Impulse Engines instead of Combat Impulse Engines.)

Tactically speaking - without support, hit & run is often your only option to survive. The c hallenge is finding the right equilibrium betwen the hit and the run part. Your hits must contribute to an actual kill. But if you stay too long, you might not be able to run and live.

For Hit & Run, it's also very improtant to identify targets of opportunity. You can sometimes kill even an experienced player with a surprise attack and a lucky critical. You have to look out for targets that don't have any defensive buffs running, or targets that are already close to death but still need some time to finish off.
Sometimes it also helps to know certain "archetypes" in PvP. Tacticals in Cruisers are often (but not always) squishy, sometimes squishiers then Escorts. Galaxy-Xs often make good targets as well. B'rel Retrofits are very suspectible to spike damage, with the least hull and shields, and sometimes even their BOFF powers can't help them. Of course, sometimes you'll feel almost bad for destroying the same guy multiple times. Try to find out why they are so squishy and... tell them, in a friendly and helpful manner. Some might appreciate it. Others ... less so. It's okay to keep shooting either way. :p

Personally, I changed the UI setting so that I see the heatlh bars of any ship that has recently taken damage. (It's one of the options in the options menu). This way I can more easily find targets of opportunities, since I suddenly see a health bar popping up. (The disadvantage of the setting is that a target that's severely damaged but hasn't been shot at for a while would not be noticeable by this.)