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08-18-2011, 06:40 AM
Most of the time I GG just to be nice and show that I appreciate getting off the freaking queue or because I had little time to show more appreciation, one way or another, for a match and a chance to learn.

Sometimes I try to call it like I see it.

If I am in a steam roll I try to type some thing to the effect of, "Good heart," or "Thank you for for doing your best." and hope they take it as stick with it you'll get better.

If I am in a close match I come across as, "WOOT!" "Thank you!" or "That was freaking awesome!"

But to me the most important time to GG is...

If my team gets steam rolled or I spend the entire match getting focus fired and my competitive nature is running with a full head of steam I have to shout out GG, because I need to remind myself that in the end it is only a game.