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08-18-2011, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by STF65
That really doesn't matter. Flagship is a fake title, anyway. It was made up for TNG, and only useful there because those characters were the stars of TNG. No one ever cared if Kirk's Enterprise was the flagship. People respected Kirk and his crew not the ship. Kirk did more in an outdated BoP then most Starfleet captains do in Galaxy Class ships: Captain Keogh wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in there drawer in the Odyssey.
Well it was wrong in the sense that in the real world there is no permanent flagship. Like how ever ship that carried the name Enterprise was the flagship of the fleet. It usually is just the ship that the highest ranking admiral is flying his flag on. And I disagree about people not caring about the ship. In the Star terk verse, the name Enterprise has always been associated not just with her command crew but with the fact that she's the ship that takes on the hardest missions, and gets the more interesting assignments. The fact that you are working with one of the best crew's in the fleet is just icing on the cake. Thats what would draw so many people to try and get a transfer on to that ship.