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08-18-2011, 11:28 AM
I always used Covarients but was disappointed with their ability to regenerate.

So, I tried Regenerative shields instead... and haven't looked back.

I usually max out my Shield skills, Efficiency as needed, and Performace all the way, this raises the shield power level. Then I was previously using 2x Engineering Field Emitter consoles to bolster the shield power even further.

On my first character, I was at 125 weapon power, 86 shield power in the end. As long as you have tac team to balance the shield, Regenerative works very well.

On my current character, im still using Regenerative Shield Array Mk X [Dis] [Reg] when I fight the Borg otherwise its Regenerative Shield Array Mk X [Reg]x2.

Since my current Advanced Escort has BOffs that have Cannon Rapid fire I, Beam Overload II and III, I needed to be able to recover from the beam overloads relatively quickly, so I have one EPS Flow Regulator Mk X installed instead of 2x Field Emitter Console Mk X. Shield power level is a little lower, but power transfer is higher to keep my weapons going after each overload. Shields still do fine when balanced using the tactical team.