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08-18-2011, 02:28 PM
The following is from a support ticket I created and have had contact with Star Trek Support.

Updated 7:03pm Aug15 2011 (-8 GMT)
contacting nettest server..
Local IP:
Ping: 93.8 msec
Port: 80: 248 KB/sec 8 KB/sec 262 KB/sec 500
Port: 80: 235 KB/sec 6 KB/sec 249 KB/sec 500
Port: 443: 234 KB/sec 7 KB/sec 249 KB/sec 500
Port: 443: 254 KB/sec 6 KB/sec 268 KB/sec 500
Port: 7255: 44 KB/sec 2 KB/sec 46 KB/sec 500
Port: 7255: timed out
Port: 7003: 13 KB/sec 1 KB/sec 14 KB/sec 500
Port: 7003: timed out
Port: 7202: timed out
Port: 7202: timed out
Port: 7499: timed out
Port: 7499: timed out
Port: 80: 252 KB/sec 7 KB/sec 266 KB/sec 500
Idle NIC bandwidth Send: 0 KB/sec Recv: 0 KB/sec
hit return to exit

During the time I was getting those low values for ports 7003, 7202 and 7499 I could log in, I could have private chats and the odd time of flying around the nearest anything at full warp speed with my engines off. Another symptom is not having chat go to Local or Area. After some ' discussion ' with my ISP ( over half of the tracert to the game server ) talking about those ports, the representative did not admit directly that they were doing random port blocking to prevent peer to peer file sharing.
" we have the right to temporarily block ports that could be used for file sharing, but don't quote me as saying that we are currently doing it " sounds like they were and not wanting to admit it when people are phoning in complaining they can't connect to some online things that also use those ports.

Another poster also has experience in the network connections field and could verify the nice and low times for the ports that ARE connecting and a really good ping time for Tracert would mean a port issue.