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Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
Your numbers are suspicious but I appreciate the sentiment. In your calculations you count a -50% turn radius as the loss of 5 consoles, fair enough, but if used strategically siege mode is a tool you'd implement against larger, heavier and yes, slower ships where the loss of turn radius is a happy sacrifice for a Beam Overload with an extra punch. So sure, it's really more akin to removing the 5 consoles you don't need in favor of gaining the ability that you do.

But still, if they want to buff siege mode, I am all for it. I'd be happy with a shield buff, or a turn radius buff, or even the ability to continue firing my weapons during the javelin shot. I think your suggestion might be a bit much.
I mean my numbers are not accurate 100% but if you bring up the beta threads and all the feedback the community, posted at the start of this ship , it was excepted as gimped only because the Galaxy X was just as gimp at that time.

It just need a buff some where that make it worth while to be in siege mode, I only do it because I found a small nitch the Guramba can do good ( not great) which is sustained DPS in siege mode. Which the only capt that can use a grumba effectively is a Engineering captain, because u are the most targeted ship on the kdf side. In very rare situation u get to fly with another grumba and Ive only flown with another grumba that was pretty good enough to 2 x javelin people.

I give u hint how to make a better ship out of your current Guramba

Drop Beam overload for BFAW it does not share CD with javelin.
BFAw will also if timed very well a javelin will go and so willl your beams at the same time enough to take out the rest of his shields to get a javelin on bare hull.

If your fighting a someone in arena that there loosing shields do to a allies , drop APO+tact team+EPW and a javelin u will get a 25-45k hit. (very rare ) very hard to do, and only if it hits bare hull. Anything else will be a waste on a shielded opponent and just rip off facing shield and deliver a 9k hull hit if they have no Resistance buffs.

A avrge hit I get is between 12k and 18k, and will only fire on escort below 50% and cruisers below 35% but most of all they have to have facing shield down.

There is a 50% miss ratio to this javelin as well so most people who play pvp in this ship dont even use the javalin because for dps wise its not worth it a fully open up BFAW3 will do more damage in seige mode than a javelin will do, but it does but it still help for that extra burst sometime a couple sec they can get healed back to full health.

I run , 4 =2 dis/2 anti P duel beams up front and 3 single in the back

Maybe what they should do is up the over all turn rate to a bop turn rate which will give the ship a better turn rate in siege mode. Also giving the player the choice between a very agile ship and a slow turning ship.

Another thing why is a fully spec Raptor have 42k hull and I only have 40.8?