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08-18-2011, 04:07 PM
It all depends. You go gain more Commissioned Officers slots as you gain promotions (up to 10, more if you you buy them). The main differences iin BO's are skills and traits. Skills can be gained by training by another BO or Captain. Traits are fixed for now. But the main thing about traits is that it's mostly Ground Traits BO's have.

So you can can add the better/rarer BO's to your ship as you level up. HAving a lot of BO choices allows different load outs for away teams and ship combat configurations (i.e. anti-borg away teams and ship configurations). If you gains a BO that has more desirable traits than a current BO you are close to, you save the costume/appearance at the trails, rename/dismiss the old BO and rename the new BO and change up their costumes. And you won't have to worry about Merits/Honor and BO Skill Points, as you will have more then enough at upper ranks. (Right now my older character could change ot my old BOs 10x over, if I cared to.) And I still have my original BOs around o most of my characters. They will be becoming Department Heads and First Officers when those systems foll out.