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08-18-2011, 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by Shinkuu_Akagan
Shield Regen is ok but the Shield power boost already offers greater shield regen and resistance. The added weapons power is also rather helpful. What I would suggest is one of three things:

1) Make the Javelin more powerful. I mean you have to charge it up, be in Siege mode, Manage to hit with it (and it fires slowly), and you have no Cloak compared to the Galaxy X. It should be the more powerful weapon between those two.


2) Make the power drain more intense BUT only have it drain power while the Javelin is charging. Once it is charged then the drain stops. This could be nasty because if you syphon off a solid amount of energy even if for a few seconds you weaken the enemy's shield resistance and regeneration, their speed of movement (making them a better target once you are charged), and the damage they are dealing to you.


3) Make the Shield power Boost +10 to make up for the horrid Turn Rate. You could even knock 5 points off of Aux in this mode to help compensate making the ship focus harder on just tanking and firing flat out.
1 =I agree 100%, It was started at 1/3 more powerful than the Galaxy X before the buff, Why is it now the same as the X. Really? only 3 people in the whole dam game know how to add the buffs to it, because once started the buffs u cant activate. To be plain and simple the devs should just allow javalin to fire while weapon fire, but thats to easy, so I like extra reg , goin into.
3) I think +15 shield and +10 weapon power would be great with the -50% turn rate makes me feel like I'am sieging someone , which is how I play =)

to number 2 ,Right now, the drain is very small, I use to run polarons and disruptor, when BFAW was the big thing , to drain wpn power it was never really effective against any other players system. I also had tyk rift going, drain is -1 power for every hit, even with BFAW it still wasnt fast enough to do seriouse drain against a opponent that ran at least one eps console. What ever the case drain should not be the nitch for Siege mode it dosent fit the ship well in the first place, and if u up it it become op and another nitch build.

Nitch builds arnt fun because they get boring doing the same move over and over again.

It just needs a small buff somewhere !!