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08-19-2011, 02:44 AM
Hi Palleon,

Which levels did you get overwhelmed in? I certainly remember a few times when things got tough but nothing specific. First thing I would say is that I've always found it easy to recruit people to help me out - the STO community are generally always quick to respond to a distress call! Just ask in the chat window. Or you could join a fleet, it will make finding help even easier.

But to address your questions:
Yes, the story does progress as you level up. There are a whole load of arcs that open up at different ranks - you are probably dealing with Klingons and Gorn where you're at at the moment, right? Well later levels introduce threats from the Cardassians and Jem Hadar, Romulans and Remans, and others. There are 'featured episode series that you can access (the first you can get at them is level 6) with other factions as enemies that I won't spoil. These are all vaguely linked together into a larger plot, and the end game starts to pull these threads together to some extent. The story isn't complete yet so we don't have all the details!
The Foundry (when it is up) is also a source of interesting stories, but obviously none of that is 'official'.

As for the 'explore X nebula' missions, as well as XP they're a good source of data samples (used in crafting) and some missions give you diplomacy XP, which eventually gives you other perks and powers.

You don't get your own planet at Admiral, but obviously you get new ships! There is fantastic variety as you progress - as soon as you get to the next rank you'll have a choice of ships and powers that go with it. I'll be the first to agree that the starter ships are uninspiring to say the least. Fleet starbases are on their way too, though they are probably a while off.

To be honest I don't focus too much on the story myself, I'm a more 'making a badass ship and crew' type of player. I get enough out of the game through tweaking with my ships, weapon and console layout, crew compliment and crafting the best kinds of items. And I can't recommend the 'featured episodes' enough. They are each a bunch of five directly connected missions that have strong story, excellent mission rewards and interesting gameplay. To kick-start those, look for a mission called 'The Vault' - Admiral T'nae will be the one who gives you that.

I'll happily help you out in-game if you want it - look for Blitz@Stompy1 or Jush@Stompy1 on the Federation side and I'll come and back you up.