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08-19-2011, 03:51 AM
There is an ongoing story through the leveling process, roughly each rank and change you progress to a new front, and each front has two or three story arcs that you move between in missions. At your level, that'd be the Klingon front, where the main story arcs are one involving Gorn and a rogue human scientist, and one involving a Klingon general who comes up with increasingly ridiculous ways to destroy the Federation.

A good way to sort out missions, if the title says:

Explore/To Boldly Go: These are exploration missions, which mainly exist to farm loot and scan anomalies. There's no storyline, and the randomly generated nature of the systems you find there will make your brain bleed if you try to impose one.

Patrol the ___ Sector: These are a bit more structured than exploration, but are the same basic concept. Just a series of one-off non-story missions. Good for fast exp and easy loot, but no storyline.

Defend the ___ Sector Block: These are just all out space brawls. No storyline and completely unstructured.

If you want storyline, you want to avoid all of those, and go for actual titled missions. Many of them are plays on classic Star Trek episodes. STOwiki has a good list of them.

Now... about that getting overwhelmed part, some details would help us put together some solid advice. Exactly what was going on? What was the name of the missions? Space or ground? What kind of equipment and powers are you running?