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08-19-2011, 05:04 AM

thanks for the advice and replies!

To answer the questions about being overwhelmed - I dont remember the mission names sorry, but one was in the "Omar" system as part of a "Patrol the Risa Sector" misson. I warped in, had to destroy some klingon structures, but each one was surrounded by 6 or 7 birds of prey plus a capital ship, which all opened fire at once and I blew up in seconds. I came back in, and went to another structure, but had the same happen again. This was a level 5 mission (I think) and I am a level 7. This was not the first time I have had this.

However, the general feeling of being lost is not just due to the mission. I cant work out how you craft, if you can craft, and what you do there. I have checked wikis but it doesnt seem to say, neither does the manual I found. Even talking to other players is a challenge - I havent yet worked out how to do a "looking for group" message or even reply to tells lol. I feel like a complete noobie again despite being a 14 year MMO veteran! Very sad I know!

I have various other missions in my log that I cant seem to do. One asks me to look for Player Made adventures, but when I do what it says it says "Zero matches". Another one asks me to defend "Starbase 24" but when i go there I get put into some sort of queue, where I then get blown apart in seconds by higher level ships.

And despite being offered alot of missions, I keep getting the impression they are too high level for me.

Also, when I fly between systems I get offered alot of "Deep Space Encounters" which I have been accepting, but which destroy me in literally one hit. I suspect that they are for much higher level players, although why they are in the first sector I dont know yet.

Please dont get me wrong here, I am enjoying the game, and want to enjoy it more - I just feel as though I have no idea whats going on and think I may be missing quite alot!