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thanks for the advice and replies!

To answer the questions about being overwhelmed - I dont remember the mission names sorry, but one was in the "Omar" system as part of a "Patrol the Risa Sector" misson. I warped in, had to destroy some klingon structures, but each one was surrounded by 6 or 7 birds of prey plus a capital ship, which all opened fire at once and I blew up in seconds. I came back in, and went to another structure, but had the same happen again. This was a level 5 mission (I think) and I am a level 7. This was not the first time I have had this.
I did this particular mission without serious problems thats why I want to ask few questions. When you approach each facility are thos birds of prey and capital ship in one big group or in several smaller? If they are in smaller groups engage one at the time and keep atleat 15 km distance to others. Also remember to balance your shields.

However, the general feeling of being lost is not just due to the mission. I cant work out how you craft, if you can craft, and what you do there. I have checked wikis but it doesnt seem to say, neither does the manual I found. Even talking to other players is a challenge - I havent yet worked out how to do a "looking for group" message or even reply to tells lol. I feel like a complete noobie again despite being a 14 year MMO veteran! Very sad I know![/OUTE]Have you already visited Memory Alpha and completed introduction quest given by Commander Romaine?

[QOUTE]I have various other missions in my log that I cant seem to do. One asks me to look for Player Made adventures, but when I do what it says it says "Zero matches".
This is because Foundry is down. If I'm correct it should work again after today's patch.
Another one asks me to defend "Starbase 24" but when i go there I get put into some sort of queue, where I then get blown apart in seconds by higher level ships.
And despite being offered alot of missions, I keep getting the impression they are too high level for me.

Also, when I fly between systems I get offered alot of "Deep Space Encounters" which I have been accepting, but which destroy me in literally one hit. I suspect that they are for much higher level players, although why they are in the first sector I dont know yet.

Please dont get me wrong here, I am enjoying the game, and want to enjoy it more - I just feel as though I have no idea whats going on and think I may be missing quite alot!
What difficulty are you playing with? Normal or something harder? Are you Engineering, Tactical or Science captain? It would be nice if you describe how you engage enemy, what weapons/equipment you use in your ship and what kind of Boffs you have and what skills you use? This would help us in giving advice how to improve and see if there is small crucial error which keep you getting hammered. In DSEs (Deep Space Encounter) its important to avoid getting attacked by several ships at the same time. Try maintaining distance between groups and engage only one group at the time.

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