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08-19-2011, 05:27 AM
The stranded in space mission where you rescue the Azura is actually in an asteroid cluster. Approach the cluster and enter the system. If you're seeing the Azura in sector space, that's actually a mission reward. On replaying the mission you can select as a reward a comm to the Azura that summons it (basically a mobile bank/consumable store). Most missions require you to go to a fixed point in sector space. The notable exceptions being DSE (deep space encounters), Defari patrols/rescue, and some Klingon missions where you have to track down moving ships. There are also the trade ships that you might like to follow.

I know for a player ship you can right click on 'em and select a follow option, but I've never tried that with NPCs.

Edit: PS. The calendar lists a Q x2 weekend starting tonight. A great time to be leveling up. Don't forget to visit Q (ESD <Earth Space Dock>?) when it goes live.