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08-19-2011, 07:41 AM
one: Craft.. You want the best possible weapons
the: 6 disruptor beam arrays, 2 HP torps.
Put your ship offensive wepon skills into beam weps, disruptor weps, and torpedo's.

This allows you to put the rest of you points into what will keep you alive, and keep your shields and hull in a nice healthy state.

I have an eng that crafts that just made it to LtGen and it ready right now to do STF's I have plenty of extra wepon energy and allready give fed cruisers, tacs, and sci's fits..

After that its just a carefull selection of bridge officer traits.. Be sure to look over you bridge officer racial passivetraits FIRST. Some of specific space passives that are of benifit. You can always retrain thier skill to what you need and by the time you hit LTGen you may have well over 20k points for skill training BO's (and you can always get more)

AFter that its simply a small matter of HOW you fly the ship. Use your throttle slider! Let speed tighter turn. its all well and good to charge around the map at full throttle but even the vorcha needs room to come about. If you slow down you can trun INSIDE a smaller maore manuverable ships turn and bring weapons to bear (specificly torpedo's.. ad those fast firing HP's are quite nice to pull the wiggle on.. turn nuff to firyy the forward or aft mount then swing away from the target to bring the other end into play. Klingon cruisers have better manuverability over all then thier fed counterparts. Take advantage of it!

The HP"s will DOT your target even through healthy shields.. They can be chain fired.. If your feeling real froggy mount 2 forward and 2 aft.. Stacking the DOTS will create for you great hate from FED players.. This is a Klingon Happy fun place.. be there often!