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08-19-2011, 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by trinitron72003 View Post
I tried to use the search engine. I swear I did. I can't be the first to ask this question. Lynn, my kdf engineer, flies the Vorcha. I love the ship but am struggling to get more DPS. Please advise.
Well, pure extra raw DPS comes from Bridge Officer Tactical Abilities, and foremost; Tactical Captain abilities.
So from a theoretical point of view, I doubt you can hardly increase your DPS by any significant amount.

What you can indeed do, is to optimize your weapon loadout as efficient as possible. i.e. a full cannon/turret setup would probably not be that great in the ship you are flying.

Additionally, some of your engineer captain abilities can decrease the amount of powerdrain for your weapons or make them recharge fast, this would save you some DPS. But it will not actually 'increase' them beyond what you can do in that ship as an engineer.

So you might want to make an efficient weapon loadout on your ship, like the man said above, 8 beams might be nice. The drain is about maximized when you are broadsiding your enemy. Thus you can make good use of your nadion inversion and EPS transfer. On top of that, i would add that (I assume this) you can use Beam Overload's or something and this will also minimize the drain when you use your engi abilities.

But if you really want do increase your DPS numbers significantly, there is no other option then using a Tactical officer and / or using an escort. Preferably both.