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08-19-2011, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
So you might want to make an efficient weapon loadout on your ship, like the man said above, 8 beams might be nice.
This is the thing. People keep using the word "efficiency" as if there is one primary build that is efficient in all circumstances, the truth is that is simply not the case.

Are you playing a tank or healer role? Then efficiency is the ability to sustain DPS while focussing on healing yourself, or healing others. In this case, yes, beams are the most efficient.

But what if you're primarily focussed on PVE? especially solo PVE? In which case, efficiency is the ability to survive vs the ability to kill a target as quickly as possible - that means you need a focuss on DPS while retaining the ability to tank as often as possible. In which case beams are the least efficient.

So as I said above, the first question has to be asked: What is the OP looking to increase his DPS in? PVE? PVP? Group? Solo?

If its PVE, especially solo, then going full beams is the most in-efficient use of a Vor'Cha possible. In fact, you may as well just equip it with 8 turrets as its about as useful.

As it stands, a Vor'Cha with an Engineer captain sporting a mix of beams and cannons is the most efficient ship and build for solo PVE in STO right now.