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08-19-2011, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
Contact me in game I will teach/show you how its done just do not pay any of these trolls any mind. For one they have no idea what YOUR playstyle is which their opinions have no merit to you if thats not the way you want to play. Plus those comments about cannons are just trolling they just want to see you get more frustrated.
Yup, we dont know exactly how the topicstarter wants to play his ship, nor do we know if its aimed at PvP, PvE, etcetera. But we do gave him some points to consider and gave him some advice and explained to more or less if it is even possible to 'increase' your DPS considerably. DPS is mainly based on your weapons and weaponpower, which, if he already had this maxed out, can only increase this further with the right weaponloadout. Which would give him the most cover for DPS. A broadsiding ship would utilize all of your weapons so that could be said to be an efficient weaponbuild.

But for real DPS increase he is just limited, thats a fact. And thats what he was mainly talking about. Real pure and significant DPS boost comes from Abilities and Tactical captain abilities. Since he is limited with that in his current situation, one can only optimize and make his build more efficient to get the most out of the ship.